Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Skittles Berry Review

It's the purple bag!

Skittles Berry Bag
Overview / Contents
Very small hard shelled candies with a sort of chewy interior. They were circular in shape, around 0.5 cm in diameter and a bit shorter in height. The shells of the candies were a variety of colors of the darker variety (e.g. red, green, purple, blue, pink, all in dark shades). This was not the "original", red colored bag, but a purple bag named "Berry Skittles" that I had seen around for at least a few years.

Skittles Berry: Unloaded onto a plate
Mix them with other bags of Skittles to make a color sample chart?

Inside a Skittles Berry
Taste & Verdict
Like an addiction. This was not the first time I had these. In fact, on more than one occasion, I specifically made a candy run to a store to resupply myself with these Skittles. What was so good about them? You know how Lifesavers and regular Skittles usually have a mix of flavors with some you might not like? Well, to me, this bag of Skittles was a mix of only my favorite kinds of Lifesavers and regular skittles in a single bag, then made even better.

From what I remember, regular Skittles in the red bag are a mix of fruity flavors with plainer sweet bits and citrus flavors -- I don't like the citrusy ones. The Berry version tasted similar to the, I think, purple and red ones. That's not to say there weren't different flavors, they just all seemed to agree with me. It was my impression that each different colored candy was a different flavor -- think there was an identification chart on the back of the package.

I would describe the general flavor of all the Berry Skittles as a sweet, candy grape or cherry with slight variations between colors. There wasn't a single color that I dreaded having in my bowl. Plenty of flavor was found on just the shells without any chewing. In terms of texture, they had a very smooth exterior surface that, once chewed, broke up to reveal a chewy, slightly gummy, inside filling. The interior was a cohesive and thick sort of goo. This wasn't a hard candy that broke up into tiny bits when chewed.

One of my top three favorite candies of all time. Would definitely buy again. Nice flavoring, nice texture, and not oversized.

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