Monday, December 22, 2014

Stouffer's Fried Chicken Breast Review

Second box of Stouffer's frozen food in recent times. Sticking with the bird theme...
Stouffer's Fried Chicken Breast Box
Overview/ Contents
The box described the contents as "breaded chicken with mashed potatoes." Inside the box was a plastic tray with the breaded chicken and mashed potatoes placed in a single, undivided tray. There was no sauce or gravy visible.
Inside the box

I cook frozen food in the microwave with the contents removed from the plastic tray most of the time. This time was no different and the entire meal managed to fit into a single plate with no extra work. Sometimes they don't fit and require more trays, and sometimes the food is frozen together and has to be broken apart. Luckily, I didn't have to explore any further with this meal.
Cooked in a plate
Nutritional Content
Didn't bother looking at it. I really don't buy these for their nutrition.
Close-up look inside the chicken breast
Taste & Verdict
For a while, I stopped adding salt to everything in hopes of being a more health conscious eater. This was not one of those times. Nonetheless, no salt was added because I didn't feel like going back to the kitchen after I sat down. Healthier by laziness.

The entire meal cooked quite thoroughly in the microwave the first time around and did not require additional time. In fact, it may have spent a bit too much time in there because some edges of the chicken came out a bit harder and crunchier than the rest -- my fault. I was able to cut into the chicken with a fork without too much effort. The edges took a bit more work to separate though.

Regardless, the fried chicken breast tasted good and well flavored. I thought parts of the exterior (i.e. breaded part) were a bit on the salty side, but not so much as to be off-putting. There also seemed to be some spices in the taste -- not sure which ones. The interior was quite moist and chewy with enough flavor on its own. Mashed potatoes were the only side provided and I found them to be good, even without any spices or salt added. There was enough flavor in there for me to enjoy it. They tasted like mashed potatoes with some flavoring.

As a package, I thoroughly enjoyed it, probably not as much as the turkey and stuffing, but still a lot. Not the most filling, but adequate as a main course while having something else on the side. I am really curious about what happened to the version with the gravy. Was that really a different brand or was there a change to the recipe or contents? Must try to look for it at the market next time.

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