Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Nissin Spicy Flavour Noodles Review

More noodles in dry form. We're going spicy...
Package of Spicy Flavour Nissin Noodles
Overview/ Contents
Dried noodles in a plastic package with seasoning oil and soup base supplied in separate packets. The exterior plastic packaging was all that was provided. I mention this because I believe I've bought noodles that came with the dried noodles in a plastic tray inside a plastic wrapper before.

Inside the package

Cooked this one based on experience using a stainless steel pot and an electric stove. The noodles were done first and then the soup was prepared. Everything was then combined, served in a bowl, and eaten within minutes.

Close-up of the soup and oil
Instructions were included on the back of the package, but I'd been eating this brand for so long that I winged it. There haven't been too many complete screw ups, surprisingly. Even when there are, I end up eating it anyways.
Noodles cooking in a pot
Taste & Verdict
Nothing to it. I found the taste of the bare noodles to be very similar to the ones provided in the beef package that I reviewed recently. The main difference was in the sauce. On that front, I actually found the taste to be similar -- not exactly but familiar. This made sense since both packages came from the same producer.
Cooked and served
The soup was an orangey red color with bits of dried green things in it -- vegetables or spices? I found it pleasant to drink directly -- didn't finish everything out of concern for the likely amount of sodium in there.

So, how did the complete package, both noodles and soup, taste? Pretty good. I found the taste to be salty with some spice to it. Compared to the beef package, this was much more interesting with more layering. The best thing was that while there was spiciness in the flavor, my tongue wasn't burning. There wasn't a moment where I felt like I had to get a drink of water or put the fire out -- even when drinking the leftover soup directly. One's mileage, of course, may vary. There have been instances where people had me try "very spicy" things that were mild to me. To give you an idea of what does kill me, tiny slices of uncooked jalapeno peppers in a burger destroy my tongue. Hot Tostitos salsa does some damage too, but not as much as jalapenos. I ended up giving up and picking the jalapenos out of a wrap once.
Close-up of the soup
A good package, overall. This has become my favorite in the past year or two. The beef was the old holder of the crown, but I wanted something more interesting. Not the most filling. For less than a CAD$ 1, not bad at all. This is usually used as one part of a meal or a snack. It does very well in that role for me.

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