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Nissin Beef Flavour Noodles Review

More food, but not in frozen form for once. And my first draft called everything "Nissan," not Nissin. Woops. The car thing did cross my mind.
Nissin Noodles, Beef Flavour
Overview/ Contents
Dried Chinese noodles in a plastic package with seasoning oil and soup base supplied in separate packets. No extra tray or wrapping was included aside from the main wrapper. This was not too different from the other noodle packs that I had bought before.

There was one time I was with a friend and we decided to go out for noodles at a convenience store for lunch. This was essentially what we got except the brand was different. We "cooked" it using coffee cups and hot water from a kettle in the store -- we were 12.

Luckily, I was at home and had access to a stove and a pot. Instructions were provided on the back of the package, but I winged it going by experience and did it my own way -- lot of prior experience. In summary: the noodles were cooked in water with the soup following shortly afterward. Most of the time was spent waiting for the water to heat up.
Inside the package: Dry noodles, sauce, and seasoning oil
Nutritional Content
Didn't bother looking at it. I really don't buy these for their nutrition.
Cooked and soaked in soup
Taste & Verdict
About half the time, I screw up the noodles by overcooking them or letting them sit in the soup for too long after serving. When either case happens, the noodles usually end up too soft and soak up way too much soup. Long story short, that usually ends with everything tasting terrible -- it starts to border on disgusting, actually.

The soup after the meal
This time around, I spent a bit too much time taking photos and the noodles were just starting to really soak in the sauce. However, it was still in the okay zone by the time I got to eating it. The soup on its own was mainly salty with a slight meat flavor that reminded me of beef. In eating the actual noodles, I allowed them to "marinate" in the soup for a bit of time. This wasn't exactly done on purpose, it just happened because I did other things after putting everything into a bowl for serving -- its usually long enough for me. On top of that, I made an effort to dip the noodles in the soup before taking a bite. Most of the flavor that came through was that of the soup. Overall, there was a nice balance of flavors when the soup and noodles were combined in a bite.

Can't say that I drank much of the leftover soup after the noodles were gone. It wasn't so much to do with taste as it was with the idea that the nice salty taste probably meant a lot of sodium. The entire package wasn't very filling, but I've occasionally mixed in other items like vegetables and meat to solve that problem. For less than $2, it was pretty good product and I would buy it again -- Nissin noodles are a staple in my house.

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