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Hungry-Man Beer Battered Chicken Review

Another run with frozen food, back to Hungry-Man. Starting to mad-lib some of the more generic parts of these reviews.
Hungry-Man Beer Battered Chicken Package
Overview/ Contents
A pretty typical box with the food divided into three sides and one main item. The biggest tray contained the chicken, and the smaller ones included mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables, and a brownie. A total of four pieces of beer battered chicken were included in this package. There was no sauce provided.
Inside the box, tray of food

This is standard by now: I don't like to cook frozen food in the supplied plastic tray. Instead, I pull the frozen blocks of food out of the tray, put them on plates, and cook them in the microwave. Nothing changed this time around. Only one plate and a bowl was necessary. I stacked the chicken sticks around one side of the plate, and I put the vegetables and potatoes on the other side. The brownie was melted by the time I started scooping it out to put into the bowl.
Cooked in a plate
Nutritional Content
Didn't bother looking at it. I really don't buy these for their nutrition.
Close-up of the main course and two sides
Taste & Verdict
The beer battered chicken pack is one of my favorites due to the taste and the fact that the chicken actually comes out quite well, crispy even, using the microwave. This meal was no exception. Everything cooked fine, the chicken was somewhat crispy, and I didn't screw up the brownie. Sauce was not necessary for the chicken because it tasted well flavored -- mainly buttery and salty. If there was beer, I couldn't tell, but may just not have known what to look for.
Brownie on the side
It was pretty standard in terms of the sides. I added a pinch of salt to the potatoes and mixed vegetables. The mashed potatoes were solid with a light buttery taste and what I expected from Hungry-Man branded frozen food. No solid bits were found in there, just a fine paste. As for the mixed vegetables, they were fine and got mixed in with the potatoes on the dish. Specifically, it was corn, peas, and carrots. My preference is just corn, but this was much better than the peas only option I've seen. I got the brownie to cook well and it tasted like a standard Hungry-Man brownie: sweet but not overly so, and airy.

A good package, overall, in terms of selection of sides and main course. Definitely going back for more in the future.

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