Thursday, December 11, 2014

Frozen Dinner: Hungry-Man Grilled Beef Steakette Review

Another frozen food review. Slightly different from the last one, which was Salisbury steak.
Grilled Beef Steakette Removed from Packaging
Overview/ Contents
The box noted that this was part of the Hungry-Man "Pub Favorites" series. Otherwise, the actual tray of food was split in half with one half containing mixed vegetables, and the other half had the mashed potatoes with two patties in gravy.

One fun fact: I wasn't able to find "Grilled Beef Steakette" on the American Hungry-Man website, but I was able to find "Grilled Beef Patty." I was able to find the former on the Canadian website, and the boxes looked very similar. Possible rebranding?

This is standard by now: I don't like to cook frozen food in the supplied plastic tray. Instead, I pull the frozen blocks of food out of the tray, put them on plates, and cook them in the microwave. Nothing changed this time around. Well, unless you're curious about the number of plates I used, then it was three. One for the steakettes, one to cover the steakettes, and one for the vegetables.
Close-up of Potatoes and Beef
Nutritional Content
Didn't bother looking at it. I really don't buy these for their nutrition.
Mixed Vegetables
Taste & Verdict
Mixed vegetables, potatoes soaked in gravy, and two pieces of meat. I was happy. However, I have to confess that I liked the Salisbury steak pack more than the grilled beef steakette. There was something about the gravy in the steakette pack that was different. I had trouble figuring out how to describe it, but what I settled on was a slight bitterness -- not saying this was defective or bad, just different and probably by design. The Salisbury steak gravy tasted more on the salty and sweet side. I found the two pieces of meat to be soft and well flavored.

As a package, overall, I found the steakette to be okay. However, the larger than usual portion of vegetables and lack of a dessert made a difference. I prefer plain corn as the vegetable. There appeared to be a slight difference in taste in the potatoes compared to what I was used to from Hungry-Man. Maybe my palette was off that day, but I thought I could taste a difference. It was fine, especially when soaked in gravy. I would buy this again on sale. It should not be my first choice though.

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