Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Musings... I'm supposed to roll that R?

It turns out that part of the reason I could never get my French to sound right was because I wasn't rolling my R's. And that lesson only took learning, trying to at least, Spanish to figure out. I still have trouble rolling my R's, but I like to think it's getting better. The sad part is how difficult it is as an American English speaker to do it -- I say American because I think certain Scottish or northern English accents use the rolling.

Unless I've been doing it from for a few decades, I haven't had to roll my R's for anything when using an American accent. Someone should have told me how difficult it was to speak other Latin-based languages without knowing how to do it.

Regardless, nothing to do now except to keep trying. Now on to the next language: Korean or Italian? Korean because I really want to visit or Italian because I know so many who speak it and it's supposedly similar to French and Spanish.

You're probably wondering how I learn all these languages right now. I don't. I can speak, read, and write a single language to a good degree. What I learned from French years ago was that there was pretty much no way for me to ever learn any language properly without immersion. Not being forced to think in one language, to compose sentences on the fly, and be corrected by fluent speakers make it very difficult to get good at it. What I do is mess around with languages and try to learn the basics, the structure, and pronunciation. For when I get a shot at immersion.

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