Thursday, November 20, 2014

Frozen Dinner: Hungry-Man Salisbury Steak Review

Haven't done one of these in a while. I probably should given how often I eat these things. They cost less than getting a combo at a fast food joint usually. So, this is a frozen TV dinner review.
Hungry Man Salisbury Steak
Overview/ Contents
It was a Hungry-Man box of food with Salisbury steak as the centerpiece. You can see for yourself in the photo below. To the top-left area is the peas, the top-center is the brownie, top-right you can find the mashed potatoes, and the bottom is filled with two Salisbury steaks sitting in a pool of gravy. That should be a mushroom peeking out from the gravy near the center -- or it's gravy on the plastic wrap. And you can see the mass labeled as 455g on the box above. Paid less than CAD$ 5, probably got it on sale.
Hungry Man Salisbury Steak Unboxed

I used to cook all of my frozen dinners in the plastic tray with the plastic wrap opened strategically as per the instructions. However, in recent years, I decided to start using stoneware. That stoneware changed to glassware, specifically Corelle plates. All of the food minus the dessert usually fits in one plate strategically, but the two frozen steaks were giving me trouble so things got split up. Sides went in one plate, two steaks in the other. I actually cut the frozen and conjoined steaks in half because the entire frozen block wasn't fitting into the plate properly.

Getting everything to fit into the plate fully was essential to me due to sauce spatter -- I wanted to be able to put a lid over it. You can see the splatter all around the rims of the plate in the photo. In my microwave, it took about four minutes for the steak, 3 minutes for the sides, and another minute for the brownie. The potatoes took an extra bit of time because a chunk was still frozen after the first run.
Hungry Man Salisbury Steak Cooked
Nutritional Content
Didn't bother looking at it. I really don't buy these for their nutrition. Guilty pleasure?

Taste & Verdict
Not bad. Steaks in the gravy were reasonably good given the price and convenience, and the gravy went well with the potatoes and peas. Gravy tasted like gravy, salty, and did not have an overpowering taste. There were some mushrooms in there that added to the flavor. A little salt was added to both the potatoes and peas before serving.

To be honest, I never cared for peas or even mixed vegetables in these frozen dinners. It's corn or nothing. This was not an exception. I would have preferred just having corn, but the gravy mixed with peas was okay. The brownie was also good. I only like them fresh out of the oven and this was sort of like that.

No complaints. I went in knowing exactly what I was getting and this was probably at least tenth time that I had eaten it before. What can I say, it lived up to my expectations.
"Original" Side Dish
This box of food was actually served along with cheese on toast and two hardboiled eggs -- along with some mayonnaise sauce. On its own, the Hungry-Man Salisbury steak probably would have been enough. It was definitely enough with the entire meal though.

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