Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ikea FIXA Stick-on Floor Protectors Review

Got a new chair, didn't want to wreck the floor.

Ikea FIXA Floor Protectors
FIXA Stick-on Floor Protectors set of 20: CAD$ 1.99 (US$ 0.99)


Found them in the tools section in a box. They were packaged in a small plastic bag with the floor protectors stuck on squares of paper. Two sizes were provided in the package. According to the Ikea webpage, their diameters were 3/4" and 1 5/8". I received 16 of the smaller protectors and 4 of the bigger ones. Webpage also noted that the item was made of polyester and polyethylene.

The chair I got was an Ikea IVAR with relatively wide feet, so I used the wider diameter protectors. Peel and stick got the job done.

They stuck on fine. How long they stay on will be determined over time. Might update if I remember to -- or even notice.

Ikea FIXA Floor Protectors Unpackaged

Expandability / Customizability
There was a different set of floor protectors available beside the box for the sticker type at the store. They were rivet based and could be had for CAD$ 2.99 (US$ 1.99). This was for a pack of eight. I preferred the more temporary nature of the sticker design.

Everyday Use
Peel and stick, hopefully mitigate the amount of wear and tear on the floor. I used these for a solid wood chair on laminate, wood, and ceramic floors. In the relatively little time that I used these floor protectors, I didn't notice any extra damage to the floors. But again, this was a wood chair so it would not have been as bad as an unprotected steel chair. We actually had been using a steel chair with missing floor protectors. That thing, surprisingly, didn't destroy the tile floor it was mainly used on or the laminate it was occasionally used on. However, because the chair was so heavy, it almost never moved. When it moved, it was lifted and set down carefully. That's also an important point: the idea that I should not drag chairs and be extra careful was nailed into me pretty hard at a young age.

In short, the floor protectors peeled and stuck on okay. How well they protected the floor, I couldn't tell without some detailed testing with and without protectors. Mostly peace of mind?

Stick on floor protectors for $2. As far as I could tell, they worked, but their purposes was more for peace of mind than anything else.

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