Thursday, June 26, 2014

Musings... Heavy Rain, a Dozen Falls, and One Tough Phone

Yesterday was the first major rain storm of the year -- that I can remember at least. I went outside when it was still clear and the sun was ever so slightly out. About ten minutes later, the taps were turned on and everything not sheltered got drenched. This was the type of rain where an umbrella would have been useless for anything other than keeping one's hair drier.

The good thing is that I was taking the subway and missed the opening event. Luck was not with me when I finished the public transport portion of my journey and had to walk the rest of the way. After 10 minutes of waiting for the rain to let up, I decided to just go -- "eff it". To say that I hated being drenched would be a lie. It was a hot summer day so the rain was absolutely refreshing.

Unfortunately, my jacket was only meant for light rain. It has not been able to hold up against anything more than a light drizzle. By the midway point of my walk, the rain had soaked through my jacket and I felt water dripping down my torso on the inside. No problem at all -- for me at least. Only one item on me didn't like the rain: my cell phone. 

It was not expensive nor did I love it, but I preferred not to have had to replace it. With this in mind, I tried to use my hand to shield the phone from the soaked sides of my jacket pocket -- both inside and outside. I had stuck it in the interior lower pocket and the rain still managed to soak through two layers of mixed-polyester fabric. This really got me worried and I started running, splashing through puddles.

Nothing was dry by time I made it to my destination. Water somehow managed to get inside a closed pill bottle with child-proof cap used to store coins. I thought my phone was mostly dry, but when I opened it up, water somehow got inside past the rear shell. It somehow still works. Add another notch to this phone: over a dozen drops on hard surfaces and one huge storm.

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