Sunday, June 29, 2014

Morning Cereal and Milk in Infrared

Cereal and Cold Milk
Morning Breakfast
A bowl sitting on a really short stool that gets sort of filled with cereal and then milk. It was whatever cereal we had on hand, don't remember the brand. But I do think the milk was 1% or 2% though. And it was milk in a bag, not a carton or bottle. The cereal grains don't appear to show up that well in the video, unfortunately. Not quite the same with the milk though.

The hardest part of shooting this video was "preparing" food in a room that wasn't the kitchen and then having to eat the cereal. Not surprisingly, letting the cereal sit in the milk allowed it to turn into a nice, soggy mess. I hate wasting food though, so there was no question about whether to eat it or trash it once I was done. Those are memories I would love to forget. Oh well, done deal, not doing that again for a while.

Reminder: Temperatures are not accurate.

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