Monday, June 30, 2014

Modem and Router in Infrared

Modem and Router Just Turned On
Modem and Router
A shot of a modem and router being turned on after probably a dozen hours of rest. The router is on the far side and the modem is closer. Neither device had an off switch, so the power bar was set to off to get it to turn off and vice versa. I really wish power switches were more common on routers and modems. There are obviously reasons for this, but I have had a few network devices over the years that didn't have power switches. The last one actually did have a switch and it was painful to have to get rid of it for these things. Speaking of these things, they have actually worked very well when in the on position. Very happy with both.

This was actually a three minute video but the fast forwarding made things look a bit weird. It probably would have been more interesting to show the power blocks, but then it wouldn't be a modem and router. Could have set the camera further back?

Reminder: Temperatures are not accurate.

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