Sunday, June 22, 2014

Musings... Why do I do this to myself?

I hate alcohol. That's not true. I really like certain kinds of cold beer and mixed drinks. That leaves hard liquor, straight up, and wine among my list of things I don't like. Then why did I just finish a bottle of wine?

One Bottle, Two Nights
One bottle of wine finished over two nights. After the first glass on each night, it started to taste disgusting. By the last glass on the first night, I was more than ready to throw up from the alcohol and the taste. There was a horrible aftertaste in my mouth after both sessions. Again, why did I get a bottle of win?

The answer's probably because I wanted to get drunk. However, I could have done that with the bottle of rum I picked up and mixed it into something full of sugar to mask the taste -- all the fun and none of the "work". Or I could have gotten some a six pack of beer.

I enjoy wine fresh after opening for the first sip or two. Couple that with the popularity of wine in the world, and I end up having to remind myself what I do and don't like fairly often. It's not isolated to alcohol. I find myself doing this with numerous snacks, drinks, and other foods on a regular basis. Knowing something's wrong for me but just holding onto that lingering idea of it being good -- because I once felt it or I was told.

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