Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Ikea PEPPARKAKA CITRUS Ginger Thins Review

If you want to grab something simple and hard to disagree with, go with crackers.

Ikea PEPPARKAKA CITRUS Ginger thins with citrus:  US$ 1.99 (CAD$ 1.49)
Unrefrigerated crackers. Accent-less run through Google spat out "gingerbread citrus". A package of 150g of product set me back about CAD$ 1.49. I counted about seven crackers per stack and the package contained three stacks. Missed the calorie count, woops. Like the images on the package, the crackers were round with a rough surface.
Taste and Texture
Gingerbread cookies -- the first thing I was reminded of when I took a bite out of these crackers. I had them plain without any tea or coffee dip. They were quite brittle, in a good way, crunchy, and melted in my mouth. Taste was not overpowering and pretty well balanced. I've yet to try the non-citrus version, but I can't say that the citrus flavor came through for me with this package. All I could taste was the gingerbread.


I finished the package at work over a few days. Despite the size of each individual cracker, I enjoyed stuffing an entire cracker into my mouth and going with it.

Yay or Nay
Yay. Good, crispy crackers that tasted like gingerbread cookies.

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