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Ikea LEDARE 1000 lumen light bulb: It's here...

This was a pleasant surprise. I was doing some browsing on the Ikea.ca website and found a balloon of a light bulb. Originally, it appeared to me to be a small bulb with an E12, narrower base. Hovering over the product image showed that I was wrong: it was an E26.
Older Generation of LEDARE
Ikea LEDARE LED bulb E26: 1000 lumens: US$ 14.99 (CAD$ 12.99)
The Ikea product page itself noted that it had an output of 1000 lumens with a power consumption of 20.0W. And the diameter was stated as 4" while the product dimensions at the bottom showed 3 7/8" x 3 7/8" x 5 5/8" (10 x 10 x 14 cm). A note stated that the bulb was "approximately equal" to a 75W incandescent bulb. Wikipedia said that a 75W incandescent would put out 1200 lumens.

To put it mildly, that is a huge bulb. A regular sized bulb, off the top of my head with a ruler in hand, is around 2.5" (63.5 mm) -- a 40W equivalent E26 Philips LED bulb in one of my lamps appeared to be in the 2.5" neighborhood when I checked. Wikipedia noted that an A19 bulb was 2 3/8" (60 mm) wide and the number after the "A" denoted the width in multiples of 1/8". An A21 bulb would be 2 5/8" (66.68 mm) then? I didn't see any A-type classification on the Ikea page.

Similar 75W and 100W Equivalent LED Bulbs
I haven't had much experience with 75W and 100W equivalent LED bulbs yet, but the Philips models that I saw in the store a while back did not appear 4" in diameter -- they did appear to be much bigger than 60W and 40W equivalent LED models though. These are the ones I found on Amazon.com:

Philips 432161 15-Watt (75-Watt) Ambient LED Household Soft White Light Bulb
Philips 432195 19-watt (100-Watt) Ambient LED Household Soft White Light Bulb

I spoke too soon:
Philips 423525 22 watt (100 Watt) LED Soft White Light Bulb

There is a wider 100W equivalent model bulb available from Philips. However, it appears that a narrower one is available too, but the product descriptions didn't appear to be 100% accurate. The Amazon product pages noted that the 15W model had an output in the 1100 lumen range, the 19W in the 1600 lumen range, and a 22W around 1700 lumens -- I cut down on the precision because the product descriptions weren't matching with the product images.

In comparison, the Ikea is 1000 lumens at 20.0W. Assuming all the information I found was accurate, this would suggest that the Ikea bulb is less energy efficient than the Philips bulbs. Wikipedia noted that a 120 volt incandescent lamp at 75W would put out 1200 lumens and a 100W would do 1700 lumens. That is 16 and 17 lumens per watt, respectively. The Ikea model does 50 lumens/watt, which is still better than the incandescent models but lower than the >70 lumens/watt from the Philips models.

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