Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Ikea CHOKLAD NOT Hazelnut Chocolate Review

No bread, just sweets.

Ikea CHOKLAD NOT Mill chocolate bar with nuts:  US$ 0.99 (CAD$ 0.99)

CHOKLAD NOT packaged
Translated as "chocolate note" in Google minus accents. It's chocolate with hazelnuts. Nothing to it. They were found in the unrefrigerated area in boxes with dozens of other CHOKLAD NOTs. The wrapper was yellow and it contained 100g at 180 calories every 8 pieces according to the labels.

CHOKLAD NOT unpackaged

Taste and Texture
Good stuff. I found it to be not too sweet with a good mix of nuts. The chocolate melted in my mouth and felt very soft through the wrapper. I was concerned that holding onto the wrapper alone would turn it into a mess. There was a good mix of chocolate and nuts that were well balanced in combination. Texture was soft upon actually putting it in my mouth and not too chewy.

CHOKLAD NOT close-up
Yay or Nay
Definite and most confident "yay" that I've given so far. It's chocolate and hard to get wrong. This definitely doesn't get it wrong. For just $1, it'd worth loading up on during trips to Ikea. 

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