Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Ikea SOTSAK KAKAOBOLL Oat Pastry Review

"Get the one least likely to make a mess in case it melts in your bag." That is what was going through my head when I decided to pick me up some SOTSAK KAKAOBOLL.

Ikea SOTSAK KAKAOBOLL Oat pastry with coconut sprinkles:  US$ 2.29 (CAD$ 1.99)

This one was from the fridge. Without accents, this one ran through Google as "sweet cocoa balls". Two dollars got me six balls and 240g of product. The transparent plastic wrap didn't hide much. What I picked up was a replica of the desert that I found on the Ikea website: chocolate-like balls covered with coconut sprinkles. Upon opening and cutting into a single ball, I found a soft filling chocolate colored filling. It was pretty easy to pass a knife through and nothing big cracked off. The shell was quite thin with the majority of the item composed of filling.


Taste and Texture
They were very chewy and lasted for a relatively long time in my mouth despite being halved. Most of the taste was from the filling which had a coffee flavor. The coconut definitely came through as well, but I wasn't sure if what I was tasting and feeling as from the exterior or the filling itself. Regardless, the taste of the filling wasn't overpowering and I found it quite well balanced. I would probably be quite comfortable just chewing on these day in and day out. This is in contrast to some of the fillings that I've found in chocolates that were way too strong in flavor -- I was glad they were so small. It was a good idea to cut the pastries in half because the individual balls ran on the large side.

Yay or Nay
Yay. Worth a shot at $2. I found them to be good chocolate flavored, chewy chocolates. The individual portions were large enough to be a dessert in themselves. Would buy again but I have a lot more Ikea items to raid before going into repeats.

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