Saturday, April 19, 2014

Ikea KAKOR CHOKLAD Biscuits Review

And more biscuits. Mad-libbing.

Ikea KAKOR APPLE Biscuits with chocolate: US$ 1.69 (CAD$ 1.29)

Ikea KAKOR CHOKLAD in the wrapper
Translated as "chocolate cakes" in Google minus accents. Biscuits with chocolate sounds about right.. They're cookies with a chocolate flavored filling and a hole on the top filled with more chocolate. They were found at the checkout station and in boxes beside the line-up to the "deli" area. The wrapper was a brown plastic with a label noting 176g. On the back, calories were noted to be 200 for every 3 biscuits.
Ikea KAKOR CHOKLAD in the open
Taste and Texture
Loved them. They were like Oreo cookies except with the flavors a bit reversed. I usually find the filling in Oreos to be on the sweet side, but that was not the case here. The cookie and both fillings felt uniform. They disintegrated in my mouth with light chewing. More importantly, I didn't run into the same problem I did with the KAKOR APPLE version of these biscuits. With the apple version, the jelly portion felt like a completely separate component and turned the cookie into a two episode adventure. The chocolate filling in this version felt slightly harder than the filling in the middle, but not so much so that it distracted from the rest of the cookie.
Ikea KAKOR CHOKLAD up close
Yay or Nay
A "yay". I would buy these again. Price isn't bad at CAD$ 1.29 either.

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