Saturday, April 19, 2014

Infrared and Visible Light Cameras Simultaneously

All of the infrared footage shot so far has been recorded using a laptop and, like any regular camera, only one spectrum of light has been recorded. The funny thing is that the infrared camera has a built-in digital camera to take visible light photos at the same time as infrared. That is not what I did here.
Hot Water!
Visible + Infrared
After finally getting a second normal-sized tripod, I was finally able to shoot using a regular camera focused on the screen of the infrared camera. It kind of makes it more interesting because now one can actually see what's going on and not have to figure anything out. People aren't used to seeing things in false-color infrared.

The bad thing is that lighting is once again important. You have no idea what a pleasure it was to never have to worry about shooting under poor light with an infrared camera.

Here is the first batch of visible and infrared light videos. More to come eventually. Might take a while because setting up both tripods and cameras the first time was a chore.

Body Heat Transfer
Eye Glasses
Mirror Reflection

Reminder: Accuracy not guaranteed.

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