Monday, April 21, 2014

Ikea KAKOR APPLE Biscuits Review

More sweets, this time in biscuit form.

Ikea KAKOR APPLE Biscuits with vanilla flavored filling and apple jelly glaze: 
US$ 1.69 (CAD$ 1.29)
Ikea KAKOR APPLE in the wrapper
Translated as "cakes apple" in Google minus accents. The description on the wrapper covers the story quite well, as does the drawing. They're cookies with a vanilla filling and a hole on the top filled with an apple flavored filling like a Jammie Dodger -- I forget what they're called here. They were found at the checkout station and in boxes beside the line-up to the "deli" area. The wrapper was a green plastic with a label noting 176g. On the back, calories were noted to be 200 for every 3 biscuits.

Taste and Texture
Loved the filling in the middle and the taste of the cookies sandwiching the vanilla. Ah, why was I so particular about pointing out which parts I liked? Because I didn't care for the jam part. When I ate these, I would put the entire thing into my mouth, chew and swallow everything but the jam, and then start on the jam. The cookie parts were nice and brittle, vanilla tasted like vanilla and melted in my mouth, and the jam tasted like apple. However, it felt like the jam was a completely separate component and was a lot more chewy than the rest of the entire cookie.

Ikea KAKOR APPLE in the open
I wasn't able to overlook this issue as the taste of the jam itself was only acceptable and not exceptional. It kind of felt like I was eating one of those candies with the gum in the center -- two completely separate components requiring different "styles" of eating or chewing. Having a something would more compatible with the cookie and vanilla filling in terms of texture would have made this thing exceptional.
Ikea KAKOR APPLE Close-up
Yay or Nay
Despite the rant on the apple jam, I still give it a "yay". But I prefer the chocolate version more.

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