Monday, April 21, 2014

Ikea CHOKLAD MORK Dark Chocolate Review

Chocolate and sweets. Holy mad-lib, Bartman.

Ikea CHOKLAD MORK Dark chocolate:  US$ 0.99 (CAD$ 0.99)
Ikea CHOKLAD MORK in the wrapper
Translated as "chocolate mork" in Google minus accents. It's dark chocolate with nothing inside. They were found in the unrefrigerated area in boxes with dozens of other CHOKLAD MORKs beside boxes filled with other bars. The wrapper was dark brown and it contained 100g at 170 calories every 8 pieces according to the labels.
Ikea CHOKLAD MORK in the open
Taste and Texture
Did I mention that I've never been a really big fan of dark chocolate? I find it a bit too bitter. This was no exception. As chocolate, it was fine and there were no issues with it. A dark chocolate lover would probably enjoy it. I found this bar to be harder than the milk chocolate I had last -- this was a good thing because the milk chocolate felt like it was ready to melt in my hands just by holding onto the bar still inside the wrapper. The fact that it was more solid meant that it didn't melt in my mouth as easily, and it offered some more chewing opportunities. Loved everything about it short of the dark chocolate taste.

Yay or Nay
A "yay", especially considering that it was just $1. Personally, I'm sticking with the milk chocolate varieties.

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