Sunday, March 02, 2014

Infrared: Seeing Through Something

Hand in a Plastic Bag
Plastic Shopping Bag
Is there anything that an IR camera can actually look through? The answer actually came up while I was screwing around with a camera and pointed it at a plastic shopping bag. Looking it up on Mr. Google confirmed that I wasn't dreaming. That little research actually gave me a lot of ideas on things to film in the future. See how it works out this time around. This was done with a long-wave camera.

The types of plastic bags used in this video are a clear sandwich bag and a grey shopping bag. In the background, behind where everything is happening, is a warm wall. Pretty sure that's a ventilation duct because there's a heat vent on the other side of that wall. The bags are held up in front of the lens and a hand is stuffed into them at times. Visible light photos are used to show what the bags look like on a regular basis.

Reminder: Temperatures are not accurate.

Body Heat and an Infrared Camera
Boiling Water on the Stove
Cooking Scrambled Eggs
Cooking with a Microwave Oven
Vacuuming a Carpet

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