Monday, March 03, 2014

Infrared: Insulated Vacuum Water Bottle

Filled Insulated Water Bottle
Insulated Vacuum Water Bottle
Nothing to it, just a vacuum bottled filled with warm water and allowed to sit upright for a while. This particular bottle has a plastic, polypropylene cap, which I do not believe is insulated. Why? Because it's the only part of the bottle that usually gets warm to the touch when I load it up with a hot liquid.

The bottle is still pretty good -- as long as it's kept in an upright position. It's been used to bring hot water to make tea at work. Why not use the water kettle at work? Because I don't like sharing and I don't know what people put into those things -- specifically, I don't know if they fill it with hot or cold water from the nearby tap. They usually aren't cleaned out very often either. One was completely rusted on the inside. Shudders. Also, the outside of the bottle is stainless steel, brushed with no paint aside from the branding.

Reminder: Temperatures are not accurate.

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