Thursday, March 06, 2014

Infrared: Putting on a Warm Jacket

Pants on Head, Jacket Zipping Up
Putting on a Jacket with Pants on Head
Can never get tired of body heat? It's a jacket being zipped up from further away than the last set of videos I did showing something similar being done. This is a winter jacket that is freaking warm even down to -25 C. The only way I know it's freezing outside is when cold air gets in from the waistband -- oh, and when I think I'm too good to wear more than one pair of pants. Seriously, love this jacket and it actually fits me pretty well. Too bad it set me back more than a couple hundred bucks.

Yes, those are sweatpants on the head. Been meaning to buy a balaclava, but been feeling too cheap to pull that one off... All $20 of it. I also can't seem to find one that I'm happy with. Maybe I should just cut holes in the pants and save a few bucks and the trouble of having to keep looking for one I like.

Reminder: Temperatures are not accurate.

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