Friday, March 07, 2014

Infrared: Water Drying on Hand

One Dry Arm, One Wet Arm
Water Drying on Hand
In this footage, some lukewarm water is wiped onto a hand and allowed to dry. To speed things up a bit, the hand is dried using a combination of someone's breath and a clipboard to fan air -- didn't feel like plugging a fan in for some reason. Not too much going on in this video, just water evaporating on some skin.

To be honest, things didn't really go as well as I hoped. This is probably one of the least exciting videos in my library so far. We'll see if I can "top" it in the future. Seemed like a waste to not use perfectly good footage though. On the other hand, I clearly lowered my standards. Hope this one gets skipped. In retrospect, I probably should have tightened the temperature range a bit to get some more details to show up. Could always do it again in the future?

Reminder: Temperatures are not accurate.

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