Sunday, March 16, 2014

Ikea GODIS SKUM Candy Review

Still reviewing Ikea food. Next up is candy.
It looks yellow?
Ikea GODIS SKUM - CAN$ 1.00 (-ish)

The packaging labeled it as foam confectionary. When I ran "GODIS SKUM" accent-less through Google, it translated as "candy foam". It came in a transparent, green-tinted plastic bag. They looked like marshmallows, so I didn't think anything could go wrong. I couldn't find the product on either the American or Canadian Ikea websites and threw out the receipt, hence the guestimate on the price.

No major unique ingredients jumped out at me from the packaging. Calories were labeled as 150 per 10 pieces. Not much of a surprise for candy. Once the package was opened, the pieces revealed themselves to be white, boot-shaped candies -- probably Christmas candies on clearance? The green made them look a light yellow color when still in the package.
Beside Crispbread
Taste and Texture
If it looks like a marshmallow, does it taste like a marshmallow? The answer was yes. Their surface texture was also rough like marshmallows, but slightly smoother. This probably had to do with their density, which was higher (harder) than regular marshmallows -- maybe a squished marshmallow?

I noticed an additional somewhat fruity flavor that leaned more towards the citrus side. They were probably Christmas candies because the other thing I noticed about them was that they seemed slightly stale. That probably weakened the overall taste.
Looking Right In
Yay or Nay
For $1, not bad, I'd recommend giving them a shot. It's not a very strong recommendation though.

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