Sunday, March 16, 2014

Ikea KNACKEBROD FLERKORN Crispbread Review

Still reviewing Ikea food. Next up is some type of grain product.

"Crispbread Multi Grain" was what Google Translator spat out for me minus accents. This is the exact same label I found on the Ikea product page. It came in a stack wrapped in a white plastic with no crush protection. Not a surprise as I could feel the contents through the wrapper.

After unfolding the wrapper at the top, I encountered my first KNACKEBROD FLEKORN. It was solid, hard, and brittle. Again, none of this was a surprise as I could feel it through the packaging. And being food sold at Ikea, I was expecting something with a long shelf life -- being classified as a "bread" also suggested that it was probably dehydrated, and not moist but hard like a cookie.

The ingredients list showed a lot of grains and 100 calories for every two "crackers" -- aha, that's what they are. And the expiration date was a bit over four months from when I bought them. No idea when they were actually made or how long a fresh pack lasts.
Plated beside GODIS SKUM
Taste and Texture
Described as a breakfast or snack item, I wasn't sure what to expect. My fingers were slightly crossed that it'd be sweet, but alas, no luck. The first taste test was with two crispbreads and I found them to be on the bland side. This was not a surprise being partly described as a breakfast item.

It tasted like wholegrain bread and very similar to unsweetened cereal. The closest cereal I could think of was Kellogg's Mini-Wheats -- not sure if those have ever been available in the United States or not. I was never a big fan of them. In fact, we once had a box of Frosted Mini-Wheats when I was a kid. The frosting was great, but not the wheat part. I proceeded to pour bowls of cereal, bite off the frosted part and trash the rest of the "wheats".

Having said all of that, I did kind of like the crispbread. They reminded me of rice cakes minus the funny texture and ability to suck the moisture out of my mouth. Maybe they'd go great with Cheese Whiz or peanut butter. Not sure if I would try buttering these considering how hard they are.
Yay or Nay
A firm yay. I can see them making a good snack if one's idea of a snack is a rice cake. The price isn't bad at the $3 mark. Only one thing bugged me and it was the packaging. The wrapper wasn't re-sealable and it actually came apart when I was opening it. I ended up throwing the entire thing in a giant Ziploc bag. A big Tupperware container would probably to better in the future.

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