Monday, March 17, 2014

Ikea DRYCK FLADER Beverage Review

My desire for furniture has waned. The majority of the blame has to do with the lack of available room -- I can't fit anything else into my place. Money has something to do with it, but really, I'm out of room.

The great thing about the digestive tract, though, is that you never really "run out of room". Stuff goes in, stuff goes out, and the stuff that sticks around doesn't impede the storage capacity of additional stuff going in (i.e. fat). Food is also a lot cheaper and "necessary" than furniture.

In other words, I'm going to start reviewing Ikea food. That supermarket looking thing near the exit that I usually ignore is now a place to be. My first haul includes unfrozen and more "neutral" or easily agreeable items. First up is juice!
Ikea DRYCK FLADER Juice Boxes
Ikea Ekologisk DRYCK FLADER - US$ 2.29 for 3x 200 ml boxes

I was feeling adventurous so I got the 3 pack in juice-box form. The translation on the box is "Elderflower drink, organic". Running the words through Google Translator accent-less resulted in "Beverage flader". The boxes I got were 200 ml each, which I believe is smaller than the standard, American Minute-Maid type juice box. It had the standard Canadian nutrition facts label, which noted a caloric content of 70 calories. The major "special" ingredient I found on the box label was elderflower extract.

Taste and Texture
Elderflower, according to the interwebs, is a mainly European flower. I definitely haven't heard of it or noticed it in any popular foods in Canada. The last time I had something made from flowers, I left disappointed. This time was different: I liked it.

The taste was "flowery". It tasted mostly like sugar and water with a hint of flower added in. I didn't find any of the flavors off-putting. The taste wasn't bland nor was it overpowering. Kind of like a slightly watered down juice -- not a bad thing. To be perfectly honest, I swore that I had tasted something like it before. What exactly? Not sure.
Looks clear?
Flowers have been encountered before in my diet, yet it is still a difficult taste to describe. I've read before that the tongue contributes significantly to one's sense of smell. If that's true then it may not be too far off to say that it tastes like how flowers, in general, smell.

I really enjoyed it. Not sure if I would make regular Ikea runs just to keep a steady supply available, but I wouldn't mind having it if it were available.

Yay or Nay
Definite yay. I have to try the SAFT FLADER syrup the next time. According to the product page, it's supposed to be usable for mixing drinks as juice concentrate. This would also be the cheaper option at US$ 4.49 per 500 ml bottle.

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