Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Stained a Chair by Sitting in It

Staining a Chair with Heat

Stained a Chair by Sitting in It
Another thing that never gets old: body heat. Back in grade school kids used to get grossed out, myself included, when they sat in a warm chair. "Ewww, it's warm." What was so wrong about it, it was just heat. A chair that didn't get warm after someone had sat in it probably should have been more alarming to me. It still does now, but only because I was so weirded out as a kid.

Those chairs usually got very warm after nearly an hour of occupancy due to class schedules. How warm does it get after sitting in it for a minute? I have no idea because the camera isn't set up properly. And that'd require doing math. Ewww, math. However, a visible "stain" is visible on the chair in the video after sitting in it for about a minute. The heat takes a while to fade -- too long for me to want to record and show all of it.

Reminder: Temperatures are not accurate.

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