Thursday, January 09, 2014

Trying to see Remote Control Light with Infrared Camera

Remote Control not Showing
Trying to see Remote Control Light
Setting yourself up to fail is fun. I don't remember what I was looking for, but while doing so,  I stumbled across an interesting fact: digital cameras may pick up the light from an infrared remote control. I actually tried with some success using my compact, visible light camera.

It would be stupid not to try to see if an infrared camera can see this light as well... That is, until you realize that the infrared spectrum is very wide. From what I understand, the camera that I use is a long-wave camera, so it is sensitive to long-wave infrared radiation only. The fact that a visible light camera may faintly pick up the infrared from a remote suggests that whatever wavelength it is, it is close to visible light. Visible light is in a spectrum with wavelengths shorter than infrared. Look it up here. Very interesting subject -- to me at least.

Reminder: Temperatures are not accurate.

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