Saturday, June 08, 2013

Open-mouth Sneezers

Some people make the "choo" sound, some go through the nose and spread the love, some squeeze their noses shut, others clench their teeth, and then, there are the open-mothers.

I try my best to do the teeth clenching, which channels the air through my teeth and muffles some of the noise. The act of sneezing feels great, but it's humiliating in that it's loud and cries out for a "bless you" from total strangers -- the only reason I hate sneezing. So, obviously open-mothers aren't trying to be malicious.

However, open-mouth sneezing is just loud. I realized why they sounded that way when I was slow to react and didn't manage to muffle my own sneeze a few times. Nope, I left my mouth wide open, teeth gaping wide, and the sneeze just came off as one massive yell. It did a number on my throat too.

I live with two open mouth sneezers and realized a few days ago that my manager is too. Here's to hoping that they try something new eventually...