Saturday, June 08, 2013

Summer 2013 Music Releases: Sara Bareilles

After weeks of hovering around 90 posts, lots of deleting, combing, and whatever, it's finally happened. This is 100.

Sara Bareilles - The Blessed Unrest

To "celebrate", here's a big FYI for anyone who is looking for something new to listen to or just didn't know: Sara Bareilles (Ber-rel-liss) has a new album coming out on July 16, 2013 called The Blessed Unrest. On her VEVO channel, there's a video where she explains how she came up with the title.

Regardless, she has one of the best voices that I've had the pleasure of listening to. Couple this with a charming and hilarious personality, humility, a shared love of four letter words, and what we have is a winner.

Blame Vevo advertisements from introducing me to her. I was surfing YouTube and kept seeing her name, which I couldn't pronounce (Bur-ray-es, Bur-rays?), pop up under everything I was watching.

To those who don't know her well or at all, just search for her on YouTube. She has an official VEVO channel with high quality videos.