Sunday, March 18, 2018

Dear Diary #82: Learning Revit, Revit with wine, 5 Mbps

Dear Diary,

This is weird... Bought me a textbook to learn some software but I bought the eBook version. There are no page numbers, just a progress bar that isn't as satisfying as actual page numbers. Finding myself going to Amazon and using their book preview to look at the paperback version's table of contents. Matching section title and table of contents yields me a page number. Come on, almost 30% done the book which is exactly what the eBook reader's progress bar says I'm at.

Well, I shocked myself. Turns out that I can still use Revit after a half bottle of wine. Didn't think I could make it either, but here we are.

There was an open bottle of wine and I hadn't found a reliable method of keeping wine from tasting like vinegar after a day of being opened, so I knocked the entire bottle back. I may have put myself off of drinking permanently. Had a really weird and creepy dream while the alcohol was probably still burning itself off. It involved paralysis and something out of view holding my arm down. Not going back to that if I can help it...

Following a textbook on drawing stuff but it's an eBook that I can't figure out how to zoom in on, and the image with the dimensions are low resolution. That leads to 10 minutes of guestimating on what the numbers may be, failing when the things don't fit or look right, and trying again.

That feeling when you finish a 700 page textbook but find out there are bonus chapters. And when you're using the textbook to self-learn and the bonus chapters cover very important slightly advanced material... Ugh.

Note to self: you have more than one finger on your right hand. Stop typing with only your index finger -- between the mouse clicking and typing, there's like no joint left.

That feeling when I want to cut my internet speed down to 5 Mbps because I rarely download anything big. But I very recently did my once in a blue moon big download and it took forever. No way could I handle anything slower.


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