Sunday, March 25, 2018

Dear Diary #83: I hate Colds, BIOS key mashing

Dear Diary,

Oh man, went to sleep and forgot the clocks were changing forward. Expected to get up earlier than the day before and ended up awake an hour later. Not that I needed to be anywhere or to be awake at a particular time but that was annoying. But sweet, it's almost 7 pm and the sun is still kinda visible.

Great. Throat feeling like sandpaper once again, can't pinpoint where I got it from. My money's on all the people who coughed on me or very near me. Hoping it takes care of itself within a week like the last time. Ugh, and almost made it to spring too.

That cold is coming along great. Currently on day 4 or 5 and the nose has stopped clogging as badly -- the previous day was absolutely horrible. And I learned the previous day that sneezing destroys my chest muscles. They had never felt so terrible before, even after working out with weights and overdoing it. Sinuses are still messed up so it feels like I've been kicked in the head. Woke up wanting to look for a bottle of Tylenol -- I try to avoid unnecessary medication. Best of luck on tomorrow.

I don't understand how the cold I caught is essentially done -- nasal symptoms, nausea, and I've been kicked in the head feeling all gone -- yet the coughing just keeps getting worse and worse.

That feeling when you are working on someone else's computer at work and mashing the BIOS entry-key causes a black/blank screen. Didn't want to mash it but it vigorously hitting the correct key on the laptop's built-in keyboard wasn't working. I mean, I could have recovered all the data in an hour or two if it did die with the right equipment and permissions, but this should have been an extremely low risk operation -- I'd abused my own computers way worse after a crash by mashing the reset button or keyboard without issue. Nothing happened this time, luckily. After the black/nothing screen, powering off and on got everything to work again. Scary stuff though. Now, did I remember to let it sit a few seconds to let the fans spin down after powering off and on again or not?

Need Halls bad to deal with the remnants of a cold but I would need to make a bit of a detour of like 5 minutes to go to a store that has them. Man, I'm lazy...

My credit card got discontinued on me and my other one became dormant from lack of use so I tried the prepaid card route. Never had I been more paranoid about how much money I had in my account -- I barely loaded it with money for security purposes and because loading it felt like spending money. That clearly wasn't working, so I went and got me an actual credit card again and I can't believe how excited I am.


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