Saturday, February 10, 2018

Dear Diary #79: No Bass, Eye Infection Roulette

Dear Diary,

That feeling when the talk show people talk about how great the bass playing is but I can't hear anything coming out of the bass because I watch using my TV with built-in speakers -- I know it's there because I sometimes watch the clip on YouTube and my computer speakers can actually play bass.

Well, that sucks. The document I've been using has a bunch of bolded words to make certain things stand out. I printed to PDF cause I was reading something about PDFs and the bolded parts blend right in with the wall of text. Massive fail.

Ugh, the pain of buying a wooden kitchen tool -- in this case, a cutting board. I went through a stack of boards at the store by inspecting each one for blemishes and damages. This was the best looking one with no dents or scrapes. Then I got home and found it had splits about an inch long on both ends. The label thing may have blocked them from view at the store. Oh well, hope it doesn't split because I'm using it as a table top. That's about $20 well spent.

Amazon order I made was signed, sealed, and delivered in less than 24 hours. I'm only talking about this because I chose the free shipping option. In recent times, they've generally taken the full 5-ish days to deliver it even though there's a fulfillment center relatively close by. Not complaining, just surprised.

That feeling when people on the TV talk about their contact lenses falling out of there eyes -- fiction and non-fiction stories. Gonna guess that they were wearing hard or rigid contacts? I've been wearing soft contacts for like a decade and don't remember that ever happening unless my fingers were in my eyes in the process of removing them. Maybe I don't engage in sports that are intensive enough. Speaking of, soft contact lens dropping on the floor is a definite nightmare, especially when it's a newly opened set. Still feels like playing eye infection-roulette after rinsing them under the faucet and then letting them soak in lens solution for hours.


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