Monday, January 29, 2018

Dear Diary #78: Pineapples not on trees, Apps, USB Big-B

Dear Diary,

Watching the PBS and really missing commercials so that I can get up and do something. Could pause the TV but that just isn't the same.

Another credit card I got is being discontinued. This has to be my third or fourth now, twas one of those Bank + Store points partnerships. Note to self: never ever get another non-bank-only credit card unless you want to switch things around every few years.

Talk about brainwashing by the Microsoft... Ever since I upgraded to Windows 10, I've started calling all software and computer programs, apps. I don't really remember where it started, but something in the desktop referred to programs as apps and it has stuck. There goes 20 years of nomenclature.

Feeling stupid today: I found out that pineapples grow on plants and not trees. Something that big growing from anything other than a tree didn't make sense. Seriously, how does something that big and tropical not belong on something that looks like a palm tree?

Wishing that the USB cable people called the big B cable something other than just "B." Now that I search for it, I mainly get results for mini-B and micro-B. Only my inkjet printers and a sound device ever used the big B cables. Everything else was micro and mini, so it probably hasn't bugged that many people.

Wrote up a very detailed resumé with a lot of details about an old job. Couldn't believe how well the piece of paper reflected my feelings about it: every year that passed, the responsibilities got "worse" and "worse." No wonder I left -- not that I needed a reminder, but anyone looking at it could figure it out.


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