Thursday, November 23, 2017

Dear Diary #68: Disposable Fashion, Math, Bartering

Dear Diary,

Watching a TV segment about clothes shopping. Made me think back to my early 20s when I used to buy disposable but expensive clothes that I ended up wearing a few times before giving away. One after the other, $80 or $90 jackets, shirts, pants. Really want to go back and kick myself.

Looked up the curriculum for a computer science degree program and checked out what kind of mandatory math courses were involved -- I was always under the impression that the math was insanely hard. The course titles appeared to be the same or very similar to the mandatory math courses that I took during my college years. What? The?

Note to self: bring cash when selling stuff in person. On another note, I "bartered" by trading an item for roughly the equivalent price in bus tickets because I had no change and I didn't want to ask for change.

Aha, so I'm not being paranoid. Went to take a sip from my cup of coffee and looked down at the cup before drinking. There was a dead fruit fly, or whatever they're called, floating on the surface. I try to look down specifically to avoid drinking anything that flew into my cup. Now thinking of how many times I missed the fly and drank it without knowing. I take comfort in the fact that the fly probably landed on the toilet a few times and took a ride on a rodent or two before bathing itself in my cup.

Ugh, the one time I "had" to let my computer warm up to avoid a RAM issue was the one time I forgot -- remembered at the last second, then speed-mashed the Print Screen key instead of F12. There was a Windows update I forgot about and it had to install upon reboot. Got lucky and the system didn't crap out. Hope it didn't screw up the install. Note to self: next time Windows needs to update and restart, do it...


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