Saturday, November 18, 2017

Dear Diary #67: Smaller Multivitamins, Second LED Light Bulb Died

Dear Diary,

Second Ikea RYET bulb died. The first one died in September 2017. Second one suddenly dropped dead in early November 2017 -- it died on someone else, they said it flickered a lot then checked out. This one was installed the exact same time as the previous one that died, but it got an extra month or two of life. Looks like I can expect these RYET bulbs to last about a year in a heavily used location with many daily on/off operations.

Watching a movie for the second time. The first time was on a channel that usually cuts out all the stuff that is above PG-13, then they cut a ton more stuff for time -- "too many notes." It's like watching an entirely different movie and now I can actually follow along with all the "extra" scenes added back in.

Took a multivitamin and wanted to hurl, as usual, due to the bitter taste and large size of the intact vitamin. I bought some gummy vitamins to have something easier to swallow but found out the gummies were missing a lot of vitamins/minerals compared to the solid pills. Sitting here wishing that they should shrink the regular, bitter vitamins to half their size instead -- while doubling the number of pills per bottle and keeping the price the same.

Watching all these zombie apocalypse shows... can't help but think that the show would be over once humans went medieval. Full plate armor with chainmail, melee weapons, pikemen, and large massed infantry units. That or find a quarry and a stack of speakers.

And I just destroyed my toe on my chair again...

Well, that was weird. I was thinking about mice -- the pest kind -- a few hours ago, didn't do anything relating to mice on my computer, and mouse traps popped up on a store's front page. Didn't search or type about mice anywhere, may have said it out loud a few times. I didn't have any microphones on at the time either -- laptop and phone were off. No mic on my computer. Hope it was a coincidence.


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