Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Dear Diary #59: 150m of Floss, Leaky Left Shoe, Pozidriv Screw?

Dear Diary,

It's mid-October. Days ago, I was talking about how warm and nice it was even with the windows open. Well, the windows are now barely open and all my extremities are freezing. And the sun's been replaced by clouds and sputtering rain.

I don't know why flossing is such a pain for me. The stuff I'm using now is generally okay: it fits between my teeth without much effort, doesn't hurt, but sometimes -- like daily -- strands break off and get stuck between my teeth. The more expensive stuff I sometimes use is apparently Teflon or something and generally stays together but it's thicker so not as easy to get between teeth. The cheap stuff I bought earlier in the year, I got the "clean" feeling because it took both arms to get between teeth and twice the effort to get back out -- stopped using it after a few days because it felt like I would do damage over the longer term. Now I have 150 meters of floss hanging around...

Guess who found out their left shoe isn't just not water resistant but actually a sponge? Went out in some light rain, didn't expect my shoe to be waterproof, obviously, so I avoided the few deep puddles on the street. After ten minutes of walking, my toes started feeling wet in my left shoe. These were four year old shoes with fabric tops so I expected water to get through the fabric on top -- except it started from the rubber-ish toe cap and from the bottom up. Looking under the shoe revealed a hole and a crack in the sole. After an hour outside, the entire shoe was wet. It was weird and funny to have one soaked shoe and one moist shoe -- I hold my umbrella on my right so the left shoe was more exposed to rain as well. Closer inspection revealed that my left shoe was significantly more worn than my right shoe. So, I use my left foot more or something? Guess I'm never wearing these shoes in the rain again. To be clear, not blaming the four year old, worn down shoes for having holes and sucking in water.

Pozidriv screws are not Phillips screws. Wow. So, my screwdriver sets don't just include two sets of Phillips bits because they're common. And that's also why one set of those "Phillips" heads work better than the other ones. Like I just got kicked in the head...

I absolutely love trying to sell crap online locally. Nothing beats low-ball offers that don't just low-ball but also demand to meet in a far end of town, so after travel costs, you would be paying them to buy it.


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