Saturday, October 14, 2017

Dear Diary #58: Summer in October, Chips not Fries, Bugs

Dear Diary,

It's mid-October, the windows are open, the breeze coming in is warm and humid. I live in a place with cold winters so this is awesome. Forecast suggests a few cooler days followed by some warm days. Thinking back to high school when it started snowing in October. Shudders.

I'm clearly spending too much time watching and reading British things or people. An American said chips on TV and I thought of fries instead of chips like one would find in a bag at a store without having to do any cooking -- that you can eat at room temperature contently.

Ugh, been buying books lately for consumption purposes. I've been trying to stick to e-books to avoid having masses of wood fiber all over the place, but I hate reading very long things on a screen. What actually makes it way worse: the books I've been buying are well over 500 pages in length. One of them is even over 1000 pages. Bad memories of an entire Banker's Box full of college textbooks sitting in my closet that I can't seem to get rid of.

May be in the market to buy a book and on top of going to Amazon, I thought I'd see if it was available at a local bookstore... Out of stock in most stores closest to me, one in stock at one or two stores I frequent. Then the memories came pouring back where I spent half an hour scanning bookshelves trying to find the book in multiple sections -- still left empty handed. Could have talked to the people working on the floor, but I didn't feel like it. Ya, I think I'll just order it online.

New book that's probably been sitting in a warehouse for years probably. Found a bug in it that was really really small that only showed up against the page because it was moving. Hoping the bug didn't come from the warehouse and is one of many that I haven't seen yet.

TV show I watch supposedly moved production from Vancouver to Los Angeles while being set in Los Angeles. Really appreciating the exteriors, skyline shots that don't look like CGI, and that bright thing in the sky. And people don't appear to be wearing heavy jackets year round.

Why is my CPU fan so loud. Why is the load so high? Barely anything's open. Why is my CPU so loud? Why so loud? Windows notification pops up: Restart Now to update. Oh.


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