Sunday, July 09, 2017

Dear Diary #43: Going No-Contact, Musical Big Macs, Legal Issues

Dear Diary,

Acted impulsively on something and long story short, I am now out $1.50 after reversing all the changes and wasting half an hour.

Needed to buy a compact mirror and found myself going from the camping section to the makeup section. That was interesting.

Going by the ads I receive, my cookies appear to think that I really like alcohol and am in the market for a new car. And every once in a while, I apparently need help with legal issues of the criminal kind. Well, it's your marketing budget.

Suddenly got reminded of the time before iTunes when there were various websites where one could purchase music legally. For some reason, teenage-me didn't want to buy off the site directly. No, I felt compelled to acquire Big Macs a few times a week and use the free purchase code that came with them for the site. Over a decade later and I have no idea where that music is now. Pretty sure I deleted them because they didn't work after migrating computers -- missed the DRM file or something that made them play. Wonder if the CDs I bought back in high school still work... They're in pristine shape on the surface and stacked in spindles of 50.

I just found out that there's a movie with Clint Eastwood and an orangutan. Why did no one tell me this before? Then I found out there were two...

Selling stuff locally online and say exactly where I can or am willing to meet... Still get tons of requests by people in adjacent towns to meet closer to them, nowhere near where I said I could. Then I try to be nice and give the option of meeting closer to accommodate them so they go no-contact.


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