Saturday, July 01, 2017

Dear Diary #42: Ginger Beverages, Carbon Monoxide Alarm, DVRing

Dear Diary,

Was eating dinner and watching TV, then a filler-clip showing a "decorated" toilet was shown. Without food in my mouth, I would have been okay. With food, I almost evacuated my stomach.

Been DVRing kids' movies (e.g. Disney, Pixar) movies on the kids' channel lately. Watching the movie is cool and all but it kind of feels wrong for some reason when I see the ads.

DVR stopped recording a program too early. Like ten minutes too early. Very irritating to miss the last part of the movie. Had to look up the Wikipedia summary to find out how it ended.

Remembering now about my wisdom teeth extraction and how the most painful part of having four teeth ripped out of my body wasn't the four teeth being removed. No, it was my lips being ripped open because of my perpetually dry lips. Should have moisturized them before having my mouth pried open. To be more clear, the four empty holes in my mouth did hurt, but it was an area-wide aching that felt manageable with the proper medication. The lips just stung really bad.

It happened. That day I dreaded came -- actually, it happened at 4 am in the morning, you really couldn't wait until the day, huh? The carbon monoxide detector I plugged in 5 years ago finally started putting a low-battery chirp out. It was a plug-in with a battery back-up type. Being familiar with alkaline batteries, I dreaded this day because I knew there was a chance that the battery would be leaking so many years later. And yep, it was leaking when I opened it up. The alarm went off twice in the past few weeks and then stopped after less than a minute, so it was obvious something was up -- being summer, the furnace was off and nothing was burning both times. The battery leak wasn't horrible compared to some of the really bad ones I've seen. However, the detector only had a bit over a year of life left before the expiry date so I didn't feel like cleaning it out. Just went and got a new one. Five years of life isn't too bad. Maybe this time I'll check the battery more often even if it doesn't warn me it's low. I hate batteries.

Note to self: stop using stainless steel tumbler to drink ginger flavored beverages from and expecting the taste of ginger to just rinse out. That French vanilla coffee tasted really weird and I can smell ginger everywhere now.


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