Sunday, June 11, 2017

Dear Diary #40: Alarm Clocks, Suits, Chocolate

Dear Diary,

Went to big-box store to buy a clock and thought they only had one model because that was all I could find on their online store. Got there and found all three models I was semi-interested in. Still picked up the one I went to get but yay for being surprised by the variety at the store -- it's usually the other way around with the store lacking variety.

So, I may be in a situation where I need to wear a suit and I got rid of my dress shoes a short while back -- they were insanely uncomfortable and really old. Picked up a new pair of boots to serve the dual purpose of winter wear and formal wear, but the slim cut of the suit -- also really old -- probably won't allow the pant leg to cup over the boots. That leaves a dilemma: blow money on an off-the-rack polyester suit with a wider leg that I'll wear once or twice in a decade, or do the same with a pair of cheap dress shoes. Why not buy good dress shoes? They're not my cup of tea, I don't expect to wear them more than a few times in a decade, and I hate clutter. Thinking of buying a new pair of Converse shoes instead since my current pair is being worn into the ground.

I used to call Toblerone chocolate bars "tab-throne." I mean, I can kind of see it, but it took a lot of effort to ignore the "o," "l," and "e." Even more effort was needed to insert an "a" and "th."

Computer has some sort of seasonal sickness. Works flawlessly for most of the year, but for a month or two, it won't stop freezing up even when doing nothing. Just rebooted and looked away for a minute, turn back to the screen and it's frozen. Not even the courtesy of a blue screen and error code. Worst part is that I've been through this before: it'll go away in a few weeks, don't have to try to fix anything.

I saw an ad on TV where they literally threw, what appeared to be, real cash into a toilet bowl. Felt bad for the person who had to pick that back out. Felt even worse for me in case I came across that cash in circulation. Ugh, I was taught early on in life that money was dirty but I repressed those thoughts to save some mental anguish. Now I'm going to think about toilet bowl cash every time I see cash.


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