Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Dear Diary #39: Giant Costumes, DVD Drives, Sun

Dear Diary,

Watching a talk show and someone dressed up in a giant costume showed up with its head filling the entire screen. Debated whether or not to DVR it so I could watch it again when I had alcohol...

Tried to pick up a slice of cake by its wrapper -- the wrapper was around the sides, I was holding the top edges and not the cake itself -- and somehow expected the cake to not fall out of the wrapper. It fell back into the pastry box but the jello top was a write-off. Not sure if I'm more upset at my idiocy or that it was so avoidable. RIP cake-top.

Went to clean out the bottom shelf of a bookcase that I'd been holding off on doing for years. Finished up wishing that there were an easier way to throw out electronics or old computer parts. Found my old IDE DVD drive. I replaced it with an SATA DVD drive to clean up the cables in my computer -- seems wasteful money-wise until you realize that a new one is only $20. Well, that's not the full truth, I wanted to get rid of the drive entirely and rely on an external DVD drive. Didn't work out because I hated the external drive. Also found an old PCI slotted Creative X-fi Xtrememusic card. The card was awesome all the way until I took it out because I wanted to give the adjacent card some breathing room. Probably still works.

I used to stare at the sun as a kid because it made me sneeze. It was only for a couple seconds. Can't help but think it may have messed up my vision considering how "thick" my glasses are -- they're not that thick thanks to high-index lenses.

Show I like is on at 1:00 am on Saturdays -- a regular, network, prime-time type show -- for some reason. They used to show it on another channel during the 10:00 pm slot on a weekday, I think. Felt like they were trying to burn off some remaining episodes from the first season but now they're starting a new season. Huh?


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