Friday, December 16, 2016

Dear Diary #30: Spices, Awared, and Vitamins

Dear Diary,

Watching the same few non-skippable commercials on YouTube over and over again. No, <car brand>, I won't buy your car because I'm not in the market. And no, <rum maker>, I won't buy another liter of your rum until I finish my current bottle. Patience!

The word "aware" needs to become a verb. Examples:
- I have been awared of the word.
- Aware me on the meaning of this word.
- I will aware them of the meaning.
- He awared me of the situation.

Finally picked up some gummy multi-vitamins. No more trying and failing to swallow a nasty tasting giant bitter pill three or four times in a row... Why you give me so much trouble!

And the joke's on me. Those gummy vitamins are missing half the ingredients my usual hard pills have. Now I have to use up 130 gummies.

Watched "Her" again. That was nice of Samantha to reinstall an old, "dumb" OS back on Theodore's phone or computer before leaving. Takes me over a dozen hours to fully reinstall Windows so what a gesture indeed.

Thought I had a bunch of cinnamon powder left over so I'd use it up by putting some in my coffee. That wasn't cinnamon -- smell was off, but I put it in the mug, then tasted it. What the hell did I put in my mouth? Yay for labeling things...


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