Friday, November 25, 2016

Dear Diary #29: Donut Cushions and Screws

Dear Diary,

Hadn't been checking a "store" inbox because it was usually filled with spam whenever I checked. May have missed something important, but the inbox doesn't archive more than a year back. So, doesn't seem like they think it's important enough to keep?

The cushioning on my chair has been permanently compressed. That doesn't seem like a big deal until but I can feel the screws  -- they went with blunt ends, luckily. And the cushion I ordered to take care of this problem still hasn't arrived.

I tried that Google drawing program to see if the computer could recognize my drawings. Let's just say that it didn't guess what I was drawing very well.

Sitting on a donut shaped cushion with a hole in the middle. This experience feels very familiar due to another ubiquitous seat that contains a hole in the center. Hope I don't forget where I am or am not.

Don't understand why so many of the ads I get are in French now. I look up French translations a few times a week? Oh well, thanks for the free practice.

Drunk googling myself again: I have a very common name. And while drunk, watching one of the best scenes in one of my favorite movies and yelling "triggered" at the television. So "triggered" and so "burned."

I hate the new donut cushion I bought.


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