Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Dear Diary #21: Her, Vacuums, Drag and Drop, Mercury

Dear Diary,

Watching Her for like the fourth time in the past few weeks. Kind of depressing and messed up movie but beautiful.

Woke up very unpleasantly due to heavy industrial equipment being operated on the neighbor's property. Entire house turned into a subwoofer and had to throw on earplugs. What a disturbing experience. Beats the jackhammering directly out the window a few years back though.

Me (for last 3 years): Complain and mumble out loud about the YouTube description box being too small.
Me (Now): Hey, what are those markings in the corner of that box?
Me (5 seconds later): *Clicks on and drags those markings to expand box size*

Compact fluorescent light bulb decided to not only burn out but blow out where the glass tube met the base on one end. Didn't change the lamp until a week or more after it stopped producing light. Nice to know that mercury likely leaked into the room the entire time. Ya, it's time to swap over to LEDs and never look back.


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