Saturday, July 23, 2016

Dear Diary #20: College Textbooks, OMG, Sales

Dear Diary,

Waiting for Steam to sync... Again. I can turn it off but I'd rather complain about it?

Fly somehow got into the building with air conditioning on full bast for the past week. And it keeps flying into the wall around me.

Found out the asterisk character is a special character in YouTube descriptions and wasn't showing up like I wanted. Also, "OMG" and "O M G" get automatically bolded for some reason?

Hesitated twice on a 10% off Amazon "sale," then decided to jump at it, and found out it was over again. Hope there's a next time?

Found out that I could right-click the menu that comes up when I right-click. Wow.

Going to try to sell most of my college textbooks. I expect to sell like one out of a dozen and eventually donate the rest but it's worth a shot. Otherwise, I might remember that most of those books cost me over $120 and are now essentially worthless because I got sentimental.


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