Friday, June 24, 2016

Dear Diary #17: Yellow jeans, Los Angeles, and Bikes

Dear Diary,

Last episode of Person of Interest... Totally getting City of Angels vibes -- love this movie.

Finally got rid of my bike that I haven't ridden in probably 5 years. Frame was in great shape, spokes were rusted really really badly and many broke. Don't store bike next to the snow shovel dripping salt water all winter long?

Got rid of my hi-fi stereo system and am using my headphones... My ears ache and the songs I've listened to 1000 times sound slightly different.

New toothpaste sample from dentist left a white, slimy, film on my teeth. Thought it was bits of food. Good thing I figured it out after almost a week and one or two brushes from finishing the tube.

Washed a pair of jeans after a fairly long period of time without doing so by hand. The water turned a not so pretty shade of yellow. Ummmm... Woops?


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