Sunday, June 19, 2016

Dear Diary #16: Stereos, Spiders, and Lost Keys

Dear Diary,

I found out that stereo systems for music like audio video receivers and bookshelf speakers may be kind of dead. Wait, what? When did this happen? Why don't people like 20 lb receivers, 20 lb speakers, and 30 lb subwoofers anymore? What? Oh. Seriously, I've been thinking of Craigslisting everything because they take up too much room and my headphones sound about as good.

Spider disappeared for over a week then I saw a smaller spider walk by my desk. It gave birth? Oh noes. Hope that house centipede and its children -- I saw a big and small one -- takes care of it. At least the centipede doesn't leave a mess of webs everywhere.

Someone lost their set of house keys...
Me: if they manage to figure out which house it belongs to, I'll wave hello when they walk in the door.
Other person: must buy a new set of locks and swap them out immediately or bad people will do bad things.
Me: Because a door lock will stop the bad people from committing felonies? I hope they don't find out about the half-dozen windows on the ground floor.


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